Cannabis As An Aphrodisiac (How To Improve Your Sex Life)

It’s been awhile since I’ve started dating my girlfriend of five years.

Sometimes, sex between long-term couples can get repetitive.

That’s why we found ourselves engaging in public areas.

Especially, at a nearby university library.

Or, even in a single room washroom stalls.

Most recently, in our car.

But, having sex outside of the bedroom can get uncomfortable.

Sex is dirty. Positions can get uncomfortable.

Depending on how tall you and your significant other is, having sex on bathroom tiles can be hard on your back.

Not to mention, the cold floor.

No, towels don’t help much.

So, couples make things spicier in bed.

They buy sex toys and engage in role play, hoping it will enhance their sex lives.

I have faith in that.

But, it’s no where close to what cannabis can do.



I am a 30 year old who has been repeatedly having sex with my girlfriend while high on cannabis.

Ever since we’ve first tried, we’ve always been high together whenever we have sex.

First things first, cannabis high can make you last longer.

Sometimes, I last for too long. So, you may want to watch out on how much THC you’re consuming.

If I wanted to, I think I could confidently last for 45 minutes.

That might be too long for girls’ liking, but that’s the reality of getting high and having sex.



Another thing worth mentioning is the feeling.

I can’t speak for girls, but being high significantly enhances sexual sensation.

Everything is more sensitive, amplified, and refreshing.

Psychologically, it’s a lot easier to let go of your body,

In fact, marijuana users do have sex more.


“Researchers at Stanford University have linked regular marijuana use to more frequent sex.

The study, which analyzes data from 50,000 reproductive-aged Americans, is the first in the United States to examine the relationship between sex and marijuana use at population scale.

The results came as a surprise to the researchers.

“I had assumed there would be no relationship, or even a negative one, similar to that seen for smoking tobacco,” said urologist Michael Eisenberg, the study’s senior author.”


Marijuana users have 20 percent more sex.

That’s not surprising from my personal experience.

However, your partner may not be fond of smoking marijuana.

There are in fact, alternative ways of consuming cannabis.

You can use a dry herb vaporizer, which indoor friendly in terms of odor.

If being high isn’t for your partner, I’d suggest they try CBD.

You can use a cbd pen to consume CBD.

It’s the most discreet, stealthy way of consuming CBD in my opinion.

First things first, it looks like a regular pen. So, I leave it at my office desk and no one thinks it’s a vape pen.

CBD pens are relatively inexpensive, but they require you to buy a CBD cartridge about every month (depending on your use).

I think you’d find a lot of information on this website below.



There are ways cannabis can help your sex life.

Whether you never tried cannabis before or your partner isn’t sold on the idea, there’s a room for cannabis in your sex life.

Having a healthy sex life is important in sustaining a great relationship.

Because cannabis is experiencing a legalization wave, you will soon see more products and services related to consuming cannabis for your sex life.


According to a recent Gallup poll, one in eight Americans say they currently use marijuana, and 45 percent say they’ve tried it at least once.

That’s a record high and a number likely to grow as more states legalize the drug for recreational or medical use.

That means more patients are asking their doctors about how using marijuana might impact their health—questions doctors aren’t always able to answer.

“I see patients come in with a variety of sexual complaints,” said Eisenberg.

“As we examine health and lifestyle related factors that may impact sexual function, marijuana has come up more and more frequently. As I looked in the literature, there was not a lot of data available.

I wanted to fill that gap.” The findings will be published today in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.


Beyond sex, I would suggest going out on a movie date while high on cannabis.

Exploring a new city, trying out new restaurants, and watching a football game can be little more exciting with a small amount of cannabis.